Getting Married At Home

bride and groom stand with their back to the camera, surrounded by woodland for their outdoor ceremony

If the thought of a big country house celebration leaves you cold, a registry office just doesn’t have enough soul and all you want is your nearest and dearest in an intimate ceremony then is it possible to get married at home?




Currently, in England and Wales, legal marriages can only be held in licensed venues and although some of these are outside, there needs to be a permanent structure with a roof that the ceremony is required to be held underneath.


However, you still have options, and they are only limited by your imagination! I have done numerous weddings in Vineyards, Bluebell Woods and even in National Parks so if you want to get married at home, then lets make it happen!!


The first thing to do is go to where you can find out how to get legally married in a register office or sanctioned government building for around £160.


The next thing is to discuss with your partner what you would like your wedding ceremony to look and feel like. You might have an apple orchard at the bottom of your garden and want to get married under the boughs of an apple tree, you might have space for a tipi and go for a boho vibe or maybe a marquee that can be dressed to look like a big top and have a circus theme. You might just want a really simple affair, seated on picnic blankets with your nearest and dearest in the place that means the most to us all, which is “home”, anything is possible.


Once you have some rough ideas, get in touch with me and we will arrange a meeting where we can make your dreams become a reality, safe in the knowledge that you will be legally married and still having the ceremony you had always dreamed of, which reflects the love of you and your partner in a way that is meaningful to you both and what’s more, there will never be another one like it!!


There will be considerations to make such as;

Access; could your guests leave safely in an emergency?

Seating, have you got enough space for everyone and what about Aunty Mabel’s dodgy hip?

Public or Private Space, the green outside your house may belong to the council, which means anyone has right of access over it whether you are in the middle of your ceremony or not.

Licencing, are you thinking of having a paid bar? Then you may need a licence, and so on.

Parking, do you need to notify your neighbours that you are having people over and there may be more traffic on the street than usual.


None of these considerations will prevent you being able to have a Celebrant led wedding in your own home or garden but before getting married at home you should be aware of the complexities involved in a simple ceremony.

Photo Credit: Joseph Kinerman