Registrar Backlog

A collection of images from celebrant led weddings conducted by Shelley

After waiting to get married for so long, we’ve now found out that there is a huge backlog of couples, and we may have to wait even longer for a registrar. What are our options?


Never fear with a Celebrant near!


These are difficult times currently as Registry offices are struggling with demand and in some areas, changes to personnel, which mean they are unable to accommodate as many bookings as they previously did or even attend external venues.


However, as the country braces itself to be able to celebrate with its nearest and dearest again now Covid restrictions are being lifted, wedding suppliers are trying to diversify to be able to meet the needs of their couples whilst staying as true to your vision of your wedding day as possible.


Sadly, in England and Wales, there is a still a requirement to attend a registry office if the marriage is to be made legal, unless you have your ceremony in a licensed venue. These options can often be costly unless you specify you only want to do the legalities with the registration service as you are having your ceremony elsewhere, in which case you can often save hundreds of pounds.


The offering with a Registrar is also limited. You attend a municipal building which is often quite soulless, meet a complete stranger and state the same legally binding words that thousands of people have said thousands of times before, then you sign your names in the register and leave and for the registrar it starts over again.


Let’s throw off those shackles Baby!!


With a Celebrant, such as myself, you can have a wedding ceremony anytime, any day, almost anywhere, involving friends and family, in front of a small or large gathering of witnesses and loved ones; the choice really is yours.


You can state your personalised vows for married life or even write you own, exchange rings and even sign a certificate commemorating the day, perfect for photo opportunities.


However, you can also say what you want, involve whoever you want, include colours, costumes and themes that are meaningful to you both, have religious and cultural elements blended into the ceremony and have any music choices you want to bring you in and out of your ceremony – very few of these options are available to you if you use a Registrar.


So, if you have had to reschedule once or numerous times, or if your original date is fast approaching, get in touch for a no obligation chat and let’s see how we can make your dreams a reality.