Bespoke Ceremonies that really reflect your individuality.

bride dressed as a flower fairy, accompanied by her daughter is married in woodland in a ceremony that reflects her and her husbands personalities and interests

My wife-to-be and I are looking for a bespoke ceremony that reflects us, but we’re not sure what options are available. What would you recommend?

Congratulations on your recent engagement, what an exciting time this is but it can also be really daunting. Like you, lots of my couples are looking to get away from what’s become known as the “Cookie Cutter” wedding e.g no matter how many times you create a wedding, if you use the same mould or cookie cutter they will always be the same – how dull is that??

 There are so many amazing influences in the wedding industry currently – woodland boho, tipi festival, Essex country house bling, 50’s Deco and so on, but what if that doesn’t work for you? It can be a minefield.

Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And I hold this at the core of everything I do.

 That’s why I love my job as a Celebrant. I am lucky that I get to work with some really fantastic venues and suppliers, all of whom want you to have the wedding day you have always imagined because if it makes you feel fantastic and your guests enjoy the day as much as you do, you will always remember it and better still, you’ll all tell your friends, some of whom will book us, and we’ll get to create something all over again inspired by someone else’s imagination.

I spend time getting to know lots of excitable couples and over a cup of coffee or two we work out what is important to you in a ceremony and what makes you so fascinating as people. Together, we build a plan and I will direct you to people who have looked after my couples before and supplied them with everything from tables and chairs to gin bars and tight rope walkers.

 If you want to get married as hedgehogs or have your ceremony on the Hogwarts Express, bring it on! The more unusual the idea the more creative I get to be – it’s a win win!! if you want to have your ceremony with just the two of you on a secluded beach with your dogs as ring bearers, that’s ok too. For me, it’s all about making your “Big Day” into your “Best Day” and I am always honoured to be able to help any couple achieve that.

 If you want to involve friends and family members, pets, hymns, prayers or excerpts from your favourite songs, then let’s make that the reality. If its really important to you that Aunty Marjorie is there to play a violin solo but she can’t get to your dream venue until 8pm, then lets work together with the venue on a twilight ceremony.

 So, my recommendation starts very simply with getting in touch with me. I’ll help you work out all the details, including the legal requirements and I can produce a bespoke ceremony, with fresh, original content in a location that takes your breath away and engage suppliers who also put you at the heart of their business so we can create some unique feelings and memories that will last a lifetime.