Real Wedding – Sophie and Jay.

Everyone loves a wedding right? And a Spring Wedding is even better!

In this blog we look at the real wedding choices of Sophie and Jay who were married this March 2024, and see what made their wedding day so special.

Where: Old Essex Barn, Just off the A12 at Kelvedon, Essex.

This lovely venue, is undergoing a major refurb currently – not to the barn itself which has remained as quaintly intact as it has always been, but to the bridal suite, the country house, grounds and the accommodations consideration has been given to making this space work even better for the modern couple.

Sophie and Jay kept the dressing of the barn really simple. Some boxed balloons, some flower adorned signage and some fairy lights and that was all that was required of such a setting full of character.


When: March 2024.

Despite a little bit of drizzle in the morning (rain is said to be lucky on your wedding day), the sun shone in the afternoon for our couple.

First Contact:  I first met Sophie and Jay with Sophie’s mum Claire at this very venue at their open day. I was able to understand what vision they had for their day and what they were looking for and make some recommendations for venues and suppliers. We, of course bounded about dogs and how they would like theirs to play a part on the day and how we could make that happen.

A couple of weeks later they came to see me at another wedding fair, after seeing me post about it on Instagram, and came for another chat and to tell me that they wanted to proceed with the booking. What we were hoping was that Celebrants would be legally recognised by their chosen date but if that wasn’t to be worked on a plan B and I did them a deal about refunding the booking fee.

Whilst at this wedding fair they also booked some other vendors – Liam Ball Gentleman Magician and MC and Rob Moore Photography.


Wedding Day: Unfortunately, the law did not change in time, sadly, it still hasn’t and so I gave Jay and Sophie the choice of cancelling me and going with a registrar led wedding in their venue or to complete the paperwork with the registry service and have the ceremony of their choice with me – I am thrilled to say they chose me, (because we had gotten to know each other and built a bond by then), and booked to do the paperwork on the morning of their ceremony with me.

Sophie and Jay are pretty quiet, almost introverted, when you first meet them but have a great sense of fun. Jay is mad on cars and Sophie prefers the Pixar version and so it was no surprise when they went to the registry office in matching Cars Pyjamas with Lightning McQueen and Sally on the front, to do their legal paperwork. What was a surprise, to Jay at least, was the booking of Lightning McQueen who posed proudly and happily in front of the venue.


Celebrant Led:  The benefit of a Celebrant Led wedding to Sophie and Jay is that they got to have plenty of time with me for planning and tweaks ahead of their big day. I could offer support and recommendations for other vendors and also liase with their venue and attend their planning meeting so everyone was on the same page when the day came around.

I also wrote a really personal script, full of their personality and interests, bringing in their hobbies and pets as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. It’s not often I get to read “Marriage is like My Old Car” in a ceremony but it was perfect for these two.

There were other bespoke elements on the day too. The groom’s mum made the wedding cake and floral decorations, his dad made the signage and photo wall. Sophie’s mum helped in all the planning and organising and her dad walked her down the aisle. I even created a seating plan for them!

Judging by the smiles on their faces they loved it and I was thrilled to play a small part in their big day. Congratulations Sophie and Jay.